Our Program

We provide psychotherapy and therapeutic programs to youth ages 6-17 with emotional disorders.

Guiding Light Residential Treatment Center is built on the following five core values:

Respect – at all times for its residents and their families, colleagues, and community.
Integrity – in all interactions with those who are entrusted to its care.
Accountability – to its students and their families, colleagues, and community.
Responsibility – for the decisions it makes and the actions it takes.
Excellence – an underlying goal in all that they do.
Guiding Light Residential Treatment Center has an innovative team vested in offering a therapeutic and nurturing environment for the healing of children aged six to seventeen. Residents of Guiding Light benefit from a holistic approach to therapy—one that blends social, physical, mental, and recreational training to encourage healthy living and general well-being.

Each level has its own principles of conduct, behavioral rating scale, rules of violation, and consequences. Within 30 days of admission, a diagnostic assessment and treatment plan will be developed for each youth. The assessment will include an evaluation of the youth in the following areas:

• Physical
• Family
• Educational
• Social/Recreational
• Emotional/Psychological
• Behavioral
• Life Skills Training
• Counseling
• Group Counseling
• Family Work Involvement

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