Give The Youth Opportunity

Guiding Light Residential Treatment Center’s goal is to provide greater opportunities for overall life/society transitions for each youth that enrolls into our program.  Giving the youth a fresh start in life ensures a more productive society.  Our efforts have made us one of the top residential centers for youth, helping them transition into responsible and productive young adults.

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What We Offer

Quality of Life

We create a strong support system for the youth, encouraging a better lifestyle and decision making.

Behavior & Health

We strive to improve behavior and diminish emotional stressors,  and address mental health issues.

Academics & Career

We provide career and academic opportunities for youth, create and improve job readiness skills.

Our Location

We offer custom built homes located on 24 beautiful acres of land. Guiding Light Residential Treatment Center is a 3 home, 20-bedroom facility, accommodating 79 youths. Each spacious bedroom houses 4 youths. The facility offers a tranquil setting with an abundance of natural light with large windows that embrace a spectacular country hillside view.

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